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Red Snake Skin Cap Toe Animal Low Sneakers

Red Snake Skin Cap Toe Animal Low Sneakers




  • An Exotic fusion of Lusty Red Leather Sneakers & Snake Skin Textured Toe
  • Modestly Glossy overspread for an iconic appearance.
  • Neatly Stitched with Precision for a lasting finish
  • Contrasting Black Padded Leather Insole and Lining for the comfort you deserve
  • A Fine work of Art


About the Collection

For over half a century, Monet’s designers have exhibited shear exuberance in their craftsmanship. Every Shoe depicts a deep attachment and understanding of footwear artistry, professional cordwaining and contemporary savviness. In conjunction with the full spread series, Monet’s Toe cap collection brings forward a beautiful fusion of lusty leather overspread, capped with exotic reptile motif on the toe and the heel.


The Shoe

This pick from the toe cap collection takes into account a lusty red tinted leather portraying an incredible style statement. The amalgamation of reptile skin patches on a basic leather motif, creates an ideal blend of high fashion and trendy footwear. The snake skin texture on the toe and the heel has a declining arrangement of scale sizes, drawing all but the right attention to your feet. All Stitching replicates some serious craftsmanship along with perfect blending of lace and sole colors. Heel is a flat incher, going hand in hand with the luxuriously padded insoles for the comfiest journeys.  The shoe bottom illustrates the classy Emblem of Monet, coherently signed off on the outer for the finishing strokes of the masterpiece.


What to pair with?

This sassy fusion of snake print on a red leather base is ascertained to improvise all your fashion statements. Whether it’s a contrasting blue black or white denim, a smart track suit or even some classy chino shorts, this alluring pair of shoes will make you stand out from the crowd. An ideal pair of black slim jogger bottoms, coupled with a classy black t shirt and a deep tinted bomber jacket will be a feast to all those curious eyes that will irresistibly fall in love with your flattering outfit.




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