Grey Faux Snake Skin Animal Low Sneaker

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  • Monet’s Exclusive Greyish Green tone fused onto Premium Quality Leather
  • Full spread exotic snake skin texture
  • Modestly Glossy finish for a range of dressing styles
  • Neatly Stitched with Precision for a lasting finish
  • Padded Leather Insole and Lining for the comfort you deserve


About the Collection

For over half a century, Monet’s designers have exhibited shear exuberance in their craftsmanship. Every Shoe depicts a deep attachment and understanding of footwear artistry, professional cordwaining and contemporary savviness. Highlighted here is the Monet’s collection of snake skin shoes which have been carefully crafted with an exotic reptile motif, fully textured onto 100%premium quality faux leather. 


The Shoe


Presenting an iconic pick from the full spread series that accentuates a charming fusion of still grey, khaki and olive shades. Replicating the beautiful textures native to Thai-Green Snakes, these high-chic sneakers will bring the most distinctive appeal to your outfits. The deep silhouette portrays a classic amalgamation of full leather sneakers and an elegantly paired rubber sole. The scaling pattern follows a varying trend of scale sizes, concentrated at the center. The contrasting black padded leather lining exhibits more than just an elegant touch, the true definition of style with comfort. The metallic eyelets have been dropped in this model, thereby blending the overall appearance of the shoe. Stitching is neatly done using perfectly blended thread and is equally complimented by matching high quality laces. Finishing is performed by signing off the outward sides of both shoes and the tongue with Monet’s Emblem. Not to forget the classic signatory branding of the shoe sole.

What to pair with?

Monet has detailed this shoe with the most contemporary tone of greyish green which will stylishly compliment all your trending olive green and camouflage outfits. Equally classy when paired with black slim fit chinos and denims; or when contrasted with an all-black outfit and a grey jacket