Black Full Snake Skin Animal Low Sneakers

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  • Luxurious 100% Leather Sneakers amalgamated in an Elegant Black
  • An Epitome of Premium Quality and Visually Stunning Leather Shoes
  • Ostentatiously layered with an exotic snake skin texture
  • Neatly Stitched with Precision for a lasting finish
  • Padded Leather Insole and Lining for the comfort you deserve
  • Exemplary work by footwear Mavens


About the Collection

For over half a century, Monet's designers have exhibited shear exuberance in their craftsmanship. Every Shoe depicts a deep attachment and understanding of footwear artistry, professional cordwaining and contemporary savviness. Highlighted here is the Monet's collection of snake skin shoes which have been carefully crafted with an exotic reptile motif, fully textured onto 100%premium quality faux leather. 


The Shoe

Wrapped in an elegant and stylish tone of black, this embellishing pair of sneakers is an absolute stunner when it comes to high street footwear. Drawing all but the right attention to your feet, these artistically crafted shoes will make you stand-out from the crowd whilst bringing your outfit into the limelight. These beautiful low tops take inspiration from one of the most beautiful snake species termed as the "small eyed snake". Venomous and Hypnotic as they are, they'll poison those around you to irresistibly fall in love with them and portray a luxurious aura. The toe and back ends have a delicately diffusing pattern of scale size, concentrated at the centre and consecutively repeated on the shoe tongue. The overall spread replicates the basic snake skin motif for a well-blended design. Stitching is neatly done using perfectly blending thread, equally complimented with high quality laces and metallic eyelets. The padded leather insoles stand at the pinnacle of delivering comfort, comprehensively supported by premier quality rubber outsoles. The bottom is also branded with the iconic Monet's logo for a contrasting yet trendy appeal. Finally, this fine piece of art has been signed off with Monet's emblem on the outward side of both shoes and on the tongue, symbolizing the completion of a masterwork. 


What to pair with?

Black shoes are a timeless classic. Compliment your all black outfits with these iconic black sneakers and you are certain to turn some heads. Equally classy would be to contrast them with a complete white or light toned outfit. These luxury full leather sneakers deliver a flattering punch to any outfit that hits your creativity. Irresistibly good